1920’s Great Gatsby Theme Night


The roaring 20’s is a fantastic and interesting period of the 20th century and it makes for a great option for your next theme night. This period of history was full of glitz and glamour, of gangsters and molls, of hidden casinos and speak easys.

Listen to jazz bands and be entertained by themed entertainment. Why not try your hand at our casino tables. We’ll transform your venue and take you back to the roaring 20’s and we can tailor your 20’s theme party to your own budget, venue and number of guests.


What Can You Include On Your Roaring 20′S Theme Night

Here at Themed Evenings we know that events can often be hard to organise and its hard to choose activities and themes that everyone will like. So with this is mind we have put together a starter package that includes, props, delivery and installation, entertainment and staff.

 Our Great Gatsby / 1920s Package Includes:

  • 3 x Backlit Silhouette Panels
  • Speakeasy Sign on Brickwall
  • 2x 1920s style pull up Banners
  • Giant Grammar phone
  • Giant 3D Pocket Watch
  • Art Deco Starburst Prop
  • 2 x Barrels of Moonshine (empty)
  • 2 x Casino Tables
  • 6 x Uplighters

We can also offer a range of extras for any event and if there is something which is missing from this page please give us a call. These extras might include:

  • Casino Tables and croupiers
  • DJ
  • Karaoke
  • Extra props or backdrops
  • Table Centres
  • Extra Lighting and Draping
  • Interactive games

As you can see every 1920′s theme party and theme night can be completely different and can be tailored to your requirements and the venue where the  20′s themed night will be taking place. We own and make 95% of all our own props so we can offer you fantastic value for money on your  Great Gatsby themed evening.



1920′S -Great Gatsby Themed Weddings

The great Gatsby has become really popular in in 2013 as a themed wedding option to tie it in with the film released this year.  The film centres around the decedent parties of the 1920’s which were thrown by the title character. Turn your wedding reception into a decedent great Gatsby themed extravaganza with the help of some of our fantastic great Gatsby and roaring 20’s themed props and decorations.

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