Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

A Murder Mystery evening is a classic “Whodunit?” The main objective is to see if you can work out who has committed the crime.

The evening will be organised by Themed Evenings staff who will expertly tailor the event to suit your needs, budget and chosen venue. Of course if you do not have a venue already selected we can offer you a free venue finding service. We have been working in the events industry for nearly 20 years and in that time we have built up an extensive database suitable for every event type and party size in most areas of the country.


Murder Mystery nights appeal to a wide range of people including those who perhaps do not want to do something more physical.  Murder Mystery events can also be run both in the day time and in the evening.  We can arrange various themes and in the past we have organised 1950’s, Gangsters and Molls, Roaring twenties and film star themes.

We can also create a new theme so the genre of the mystery is only limited by how imaginative you can be. Murder mystery is perfect for amateur performers or budding sleuths and we will always make sure there is enough to keep everyone involved.

All of our themed party packages include:

  • Delivery & Installation of Theming
  • Staff to set up and run event
  • Bottle of Champagne for biggest winner of the Casino if you have casino tables
  • Full Health & Safety Documentation
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance
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