Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Night

Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Night

If you’re looking for a fun party theme where all can get involved in dressing up and having fun then why not try a Pirates of the Caribbean theme night.

When entering the venue each guest will take a step off the pirate ship and onto the desert island of Dead Man’s Cove. Once on the island, pirates will be met by a sea of different pirate memorabilia including buried treasure, gold and silver, barrels of rum and pirates.

To accompany the lit panels there will be life sized wooden cut outs of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow and Miss Swan. So why not choose a Pirates of the Caribbean party theme for your next theme party?


An Example Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Night

Themed Evenings have come up with an excellent package that includes some great theming and fantastic entertainment, so why not sit back enjoy the night and relax while enjoying all of the below:-

  • 2 Silhouette Panels
  • 4 Pirate Character Cut Outs
  • Crate of Dynamite
  • 1 Casino Table
  • Parrots
  • Large Barrel of Rum
  • Nettings, Lobsters and Pots
  • 3 Palm Trees
  • Skull Coconut Shy
  • Pirate Entrance

Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Night Extras

Want something more? Here are some added extras that can be included for an extra cost.

  • Extra
  • Casino Tables
  • Hook the Key Game
  • Skull Hoopla
  • Table Theming
  • Extra Theming
  • Splat the Rat Game
  • Fake Sand
  • Treasure Chest

As you can see every Pirates of the Caribbean theme party and theme night can be completely different and can be tailored to your requirements and the venue where the Pirates of the Caribbean themed night will be taking place. We own and make 95% of all our own props so we can offer you fantastic value for money on your Pirates of the Caribbean themed evening.

All of our themed party packages include:

  • Delivery & Installation of Theming
  • Staff to set up and run event
  • Bottle of Champagne for biggest winner of the Casino if you have casino tables
  • Full Health & Safety Documentation
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance

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